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How to Contact Cash App Customer Service

Numbers For Support

The Cash App has become a highly popular digital payment service in the US and the UK. Developed by Square Inc., it makes money transfers, investing in Bitcoin, and even taking loan a breeze. However, users also report facing issues with the app from time to time. So, knowing how to contact Cash App customer service is essential.

There are various ways to access support for your problems. You can contact Cash support through the app or use their customer service phone number. On social media like Twitter and TikTok, you can chat with the support representative at specific hours during the day.

This page will lay out all the different ways to get customer service support.

Does Cash App Have a 24-Hour Customer Service Number?

The Cash App has a customer service number that you can dial to get help. Dial 1 (800) 969-1940 to get assistance for any issue. But don’t consider it as the Cash App customer service number for 24/7 hours. You can only use it between 9 am to 7 pm EST, only on weekday, from Monday to Friday.

This number is only available for those who have verified their accounts on the Cash App by giving the relevant information. When you talk to a support rep through this number, they will never ask you for details like your password, security number, and PIN. They will only ask you a couple of questions for identity verification. They may include your email address and your phone number.

Upon dialing this number, you will receive automated instructions. But on pressing more, you will get connected to a live agent. You can then speak about your issue and let them diagnose and fix it.

How Do I Talk to a Cash App Representative Over the Phone

To talk to a virtual or human Cash App rep using the number 1 (800) 969-1940. Upon dialing it, you will hear an automated menu of Cash App topics. The virtual bot will give an answer to all these queries. You can listen to the solution, and if it fixes your problem, use it.

But if the virtual support representative does not clear your query satisfactorily, access the Cash App website or the in-app support. You can also connect with a live person using the website.

Go to, fill in your mobile number, and tap ‘Continue.’ Alternatively, you can also use your email instead of your phone number to contact the support team.

How to Contact Cash App Support through the App

The second method to connect with customer support is through the app. The process is very simple. Below are the steps to contact the Cash App customer service in this way.

  • Log into your account on the app.
  • Now, inside the app, touch the ‘Profile’ icon. It is on the top left portion.
  • You will now see another screen with a menu of options. One of them will be for ‘Cash Support.’
  • To find the Cash Support option, scroll down a bit. This button is present at the very end of the screen.
  • Choose this icon to go to the support menu.
  • The Cash Support menu has some topics on using the app. You can get assistance on missing payments and accessing old accounts using these topics.
  • But if you don’t find anything useful here, tap the ‘Something else’ option.
  • Now, you will be taken to another list of user concerns. Go through this list to see if what you are having problems with is mentioned.
  • If you still don’t find an answer, choose a general topic that describes your problem.
  • Now, touch the ‘Contact support’ option on the screen’s lower part.
  • The Cash App gives you the choice to get a phone call from a customer service representative or get support through email.
  • So, ensure to submit the correct information to get in touch with the support team.
  • You will also need to describe the problem you are facing. Explain it in detail and hit ‘Continue.’

Generally, the app’s support reps will respond to you within a day. But if they don’t, contact Cash Support through the app by following the process above again.

How to Contact Cash App Customer Service and Support on the Web

The official Cash App website has a support page that provides answers to varied common questions and concerns. You can head over to, find your issue and use the support articles and fixes that the page provides. Use these points to resolve errors related to your account or any other Cash App problem using the service’s website.

  • Navigate to
  • Here, below the ‘How can we help you’ label, fill in your problem in the search field.
  • You will find various support articles in return.
  • Tap any one of them which you think relates to your query.
  • On the next page, you will find more instructions about the answer to your question.
  • Tap the one that you think relates most closely.
  • You will soon find step-by-step instructions for solving your problem.
  • But if that does not help, scroll down and tap ‘Contact Support.’
  • If you don’t want to write down your problem in the search field, click on any one topic below the ‘Popular Topics’ section.
  • It has categories for adding cash, sending and receiving payments, account settings, direct deposit, and more.
  • Below the ‘Popular Topics’ section is the ‘Frequently Asked Questions.’
  • Tap on any one question if you think it relates to your problem.
  • These cover most aspects of using the Cash App.
  • The FAQs are on accessing an old account, missing payments, canceling payments, lost Cash Card, scams, and Cash App security.

Contact Customer Service on Social Media and by Mail

The Cash App is present on various social channels. The best way to contact customer support through these channels is using Twitter.

Here, the service is present as @CashSupport. It actively resolves user queries through this account on X. If you are on Instagram, use the handle @CashApp to reach out to the service. It is also on Facebook as SquareCash. TikTok users can connect with the service at @CashApp. Similarly, Reddit users can search for u/CashAppAndi, and those on Twitch can find Cash App at

However, if you contact the service through Twitter, you will only get answers related to concerns that do not relate to the security of your account. Since Twitter is a public platform, the customer service team does not answer questions related to the sensitive information of your account.

Users can reach out to Cash App through mail as well. Describe your concern as clearly as possible and mail it to the following address:

Cash App

1955 Broadway, Suite 600

Oakland, CA 94692

How to Contact Cash App to Resolve Errors Related to Your Account

As mentioned above, you can either talk to a live person on Cash App using phone support or use the contact support option on the app. Another good route if you face account-related errors is to go to page. Here, on the search bar, type ‘account problems’ and tap Enter. You will find various support articles on different account-related errors. These include:

  • Problems linking your bank account
  • Expired cards or old bank accounts
  • Accessing account statements
  • Sending money to the wrong account
  • Account settings
  • Opening an investing account

If you don’t find any support articles suitable to your query, go to the Cash Support page of Twitter. Here, you can talk to a customer service rep from 5 am to 7 pm PT every day. You can also talk to the support rep on TikTok. See their service hours by navigating to the TikTok page.

Resolve Errors in New Accounts and Point-of-Sale Transactions

If you have complaints regarding point-of-sale transactions or a new account, the Cash App will take a greater number of days to look into it. Generally, you can expect an answer within 90 days. If you have a new Cash App account, money will get credited to it within 20 days. You will get an email or call from Cash App support regarding the resolution of the query within three days after they investigate your issue.

If they find no error, they will notify to you in writing. You can dial the Cash App customer service number to get more clarification regarding this.

How Much Time Does the Cash App Takes to Investigate the Account Errors

The Cash App recommends that you write your complaints within ten days of facing them. They can determine whether the error occurred during this period. Once they find the error, the support service promptly resolves it.

But sometimes, the support team can take more days to investigate your issue. Cash App says that sometimes it can take them 45 days to look into your complaint.

Why Is My Cash App Payment Pending

Your Cash App payment may be pending due to several reasons. The main ones are as follows:

  • Bad internet connection – Weak signal strength can make the transaction hang in the middle, causing the pending status.
  • Lack of sufficient funds – If you don’t have adequate money in your account, then the payment will remain pending.
  • Unverified account – If you haven’t verified your identity or linked a debit card or bank account, Cash App won’t process your payment.
  • The account is locked – Your account, if involved in a suspicious activity, can be frozen.
  • Error in the app – A technical glitch in the app will cause your transaction to stay in a pending state.
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